Importation de café Vert

Cafés de Colombie Stock à Lyon

If you need more details, contact our green coffee number +33 (6) 36 11 64 49

Coffee growerDepartmentVarietyProcessSCANotesMinimum 1 sac / commanderi Prix Euro/kg
OLIVER CORTEZHUILACASTILLONATURAL ANAEROBIC86Tropical fruits, kiwi, sweet and vainilla. Citric acidity, medium body, delicate coffeePlus de Stock12,24
HUVER CASTILLONARIÑOCASTILLOWASHED - DOUBLE LONG FERMENTATION86,25Pineapple, vainilla and coconut notes.Plus de Stock13,23
JUAN DARIO GOMEZHUILAPINK BOURBONNATURAL ANAEROBIC86Funky, raspberry, intense, round body1 sac16,53
MARIA OLIVA TOBON DE TOBONANTIOQUIACATURRAWASHED LONG FERMENTATION86Sweet, caramel and honey notes. Malic acidity and round bodyPlus de Stock13,23
JESUS MARIA PALACIO JIMENEZANTIOQUIACATURRAWASHED86Sweet, floral and apricot notes. Complex coffee with bright acidityPlus de Stock14,88
ADRIANA BELTRÁNSANTANDERGEISHAWASHED LONG FERMENTATION87Lemongrass, apricot, floral, cleanPlus de Stock26,44

Cafés d'Afrique stock à Lyon

If you need more details, contact our green coffee number +33 (6) 36 11 64 49

Coffee growerCountry VarietyProcessGrade / SCANotesMinimum 1 sac / commanderi Prix Euro/kg
African MoonUGANDASL14 & SL28NJATURALA1Prune, Kiwi, caramel, crème407,35 €/KG
Ainabtany ABKENYARED BOURBONFULLY WASHED88Raisin blanc, pamplemousse, chocolat au lait108,51 €/KG
Migoti Hill Community WashedBURUNDIRED BOURBONFULLY WASHEDA1 / 86Chocolat amer-doux, Cola, arrondi207,67 €/KG
Rwamatamu Community WashedRWANDARED BOURBONFULLY WASHEDA1 / 88Croustillant, juteux, chocolat amer-doux, fleur d'oranger1010,61 €/KG
Présentation de la marque:

Kafetera Specialty Green Beans Coffee was established in 2022 to supply a dedicated service to differents EU clients.
We began our adventure with a focus on single origin coffees, delicately roasted and preferably prepared by hand,
to be served in the various coffee shops. This experience allowed us to explore the different terroirs and the flavors of each one of them.
At the same time we have a close conexion with the coffee producers, a fair remuneration for them, as well as coffee experiences that are both simple and exceptionnal for you and for us.


Taking into account the paramètres of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). Our understanding of the coffee goes beyond a simple beverage, we understand the work and the éducation of the producteurs, we understand the coffee as part of a family and ancesteurs history that has lead to differents developpements of a whole country.

respect the process that starts in the récolte until the roasting of a specialty coffee beans. We believe that working in coffee can provide not only and amazing expérience of knowledge but also being part of the developemment economically and culturally speaking.